Our Fleet

Find the aircraft that best suits your needs.

We have in our fleet a variety of new aircraft- the latest turbo-props, helicopters and business jets.

Air Juan Turbo Props

Cessna Grand Caravan Seaplane

Go anywhere, do anything, and make it an adventure. Whether you’re a businessman, flight enthusiast, or a pleasure traveller, the Caravan Amphibian/Seaplane is ready to load up and take off to wherever you need to go.

Cessna Grand Caravan EX

Count on exceptional performance whether you need it for business or personal adventures. Cessna’s Grand Caravan EX was engineered for challenging, rugged missions with high payloads and short, rough runways.

Air Juan Helicopters

Bell® 429

Exceptional speed, class leading performance. Designed with the future in mind, the Bell 429 exceeds today’s airworthiness requirements to enhance passenger safety.  Innovation is at the heart of the Bell 429 light twin helicopter, with advanced avionics and systems monitoring suite that ensures outstanding aircraft readiness. Speed, performance, spacious cabin, large headroom, leather seats, wide-open lounge-type seating.  Seats six (6) passengers.